The Austrian Bankers’ Association is a non-profit service undertaking. We see ourselves as representatives of all credit institutions established in Austria as corporate entities.

Independent Dialogue Partner

Our core competence is to support, assist and represent our member banks at home and abroad. Irrespective of their size and structure, we create a broad basis for discussion. We are a competent and reliable partner providing a politically independent platform for dialogue on current topics that are of relevance to our sector.

Links of Mutual Interest

We work with confidence and purpose on behalf of our members and stakeholders on the common balance of interests. In so doing we forge links of mutual interest.

Our Tasks

  • We cooperate with national and international associations.
  • As a member of the European Banking Federation FBE we are making good use of our involvement and co-determination in FBE bodies.
  • As the Austrian Bankers’ Trade Association (Fachverband) within the Austrian Economic Chamber WKO we represent our members at chamber level.
  • In collective bargaining rounds we represent the employers’ side.
  • Based on our contacts with the media we conduct public relations on banking issues at home and abroad.

Our Services

  • Review of national and international – primarily European – rules and regulations affecting the interests of our members.
  • Contacts with monetary authorities and ministries.
  • Early identification and coordination of members’ diverging interests.
  • Inter-sectoral cooperation in areas such as banking operations, human resources, tax and trade law
  • Editing and provision of bank-related information.
  Ombuds Office